Report on Late Lunch at The Barbican on November 28, 2008

Reported by Peter Bronger

Although not as many people we had a nice luncheon at The Barbican last Friday. Lawtonasia brought almost 2 bottles per person so that was well taken care of. We had a couple of cancellations because of people not being able to fly into Bangkok. The food was the standard Barbican Fare, simple and good.

We received 2,500 in membership fees and 2,100 in charity fees.

The following people attended the Late Lighthouse Luncheon last Friday;

  1. Jon Pritchard
  2. Peter Brongers
  3. Peter Taylor
  4. John Stenton
  5. David Lain (joined as a member)
  6. Dave Brothers
  7. Lyle Andrews (joined as a member)
  8. John Vivian
  9. Ian Langman (member?)
  10. Graham Evans
  11. Alan McAllister
  12. Andrew Crawfor (Lawton Asia)
  13. Junjira Koomtong (Lawton Asia)
  14. Ben Wisbey (Lawton Asia)

New Members

  1. David Lain joined as a member. As he is a member of the UK we charged the 1,000 baht fee.
  2. Lyle Andrews joined as a member at 1,500 baht.
  3. Ian Langman said he paid at the golf for membership to Mike Holloway (but wasnt 100% sure) Bryan, do you have a note that he paid at one of the golf outings?

When paying the bill we were 700 baht on the drinks bill short that I paid out of the extra's. Consequently the money for charity is 14*200-700 = 2,800 baht.